Lioness Lioness

Lioness are bound to receive a great deal of buzz, being that they’re the offspring of two defunct Toronto mainstays: Controller.Controller and No Dynamics. Vanessa Fitcher belts out predictably domineering lyrics to the pounding backbeat of Jeff Scheven and Ronnie Morris. It’s like the music that haunted every Canadian venue back in 2005: lots of bass, elements of disco and punk, and sex-fuelled aggression. If the Mars Volta decided to put out another De-Loused in the Comatorium-era album with a female vocalist, Lioness’ self-titled debut EP would be, for better or worse, the fruit of their labour. Oddly enough, Lioness also borrow heavily from the sound and aesthetics of Controller.Controller. Even the artwork for their release looks a lot like the cover of Controller.Controller’s debut EP, History. Some originality would have been nice but who can blame them for banking on one of their previous bands’ past success? Controller.Controller, a band that earned their praise, were with us for only a brief while; it’s nice to see them resurrected. (New Romantic)