Lindi The Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Where, oh where, has this gal been hiding for her young 22 years? In Toronto, apparently, working on this eclectic collection comprising her debut release. Her stunning warbling vibrato is the closest thing to vocal perfection I’ve heard in a while, as she goes effortlessly from tender and fragile to powerhouse displays of vocal chord gymnastics that should make Christina Aguilera shrivel in shame, and she does it all so gracefully that not one single moment is forced or insincere. Billie Holiday, Liz Fraser and Siouxie Sioux are just a few influences that sneak in here, but she definitely has her own thing going on. Stylistically, the disc goes down many different avenues, ending up somewhere between jazz, cabaret, Celtic and country. The music presents a perfect backdrop for everything she does with her voice, from the playfulness of "Sweet Jezebel” to the poignant "Coffee Shops.” Violin, piano, steel guitar and saxophone mimic her every move (and apparently she plays most of them herself). The overall ambience of the disc is one that only the lonely could love, but should be missed by none. Don’t forget this name, she’s going to take over the world.