BY Michael EdwardsPublished Dec 1, 2004

Fortunately the nostalgia for the 1990s has returned much quicker than anybody imagined, and so the time is probably right for the return of Vancouver band Limblifter. This latest incarnation of the band finds only one of the original members still recording under that name — Ryan Dahle. His brother Kurt left for the New Pornographers, so there is always the chance that I/O, the band’s third album, will be a mere shadow of their earlier recordings. Fans need not worry though because Limblifter sound just like they ever did, with driving guitars and Dahle’s characteristic vocals, however, there really isn’t anything new here at all. There isn’t that one obvious hit among the 11 tracks and the songs lack immediacy, making it tough to make it through the whole album in one sitting. It isn’t a terrible record though — there are enough similarities between I/O and the recent output of Matthew Good (who shows up on backing vocals on one song) that will likely help Limblifter find an audience somewhere. It really does seem that Ryan is now the lesser of two Dahles because I/O sounds remarkably dated. While Kurt has moved on to greener pastures, Ryan is still doing exactly the same thing that he ever did and that just isn’t enough anymore.

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