Limblifter Bellaclava

The sophomore effort from the brothers Dahle has Limblifter poised to pitch camp in the charts for quite some time. The driving bass line of "Ariel vs. Lotus," which for some reason reminds me of Porno For Pyros, propels the Lush-like guitars and makes for a great single. Although it is an obvious pop song, it has an underground feel without trying to sound, dare I say, alternative. The very West Coast "Wake Up To The Sun" is also a great pop ditty that could easily break the band outside of Canada. The album as a whole is a much more full affair than their debut. Pedal steel, mellotron and some tasty sprinkles of fairy dust make for a much more fully realised musical endeavour. There is much variation with pulsating songs like "Antenna" and "Count To 9" offset by the wistful waltz of "Teen Fang" and the quirky "Pregnant." Ryan Dahle's voice is readily identifiable, but it is Limblifter's ability to create catchy songs out of the unorthodox that make them worthwhile. (Universal)