Lil Wayne "Selsun Blue" (video)

Lil Wayne 'Selsun Blue' (video)
Remember that time Lil Wayne said that he was going to quit rap to become a skateboarder? That never came to pass, but Weezy clearly hasn't lost his love of the sport, since he just released a skateboarding-themed video for his song "Selsun Blue."

In the clip for this spooky, piano-tinkling track, we witness Weezy showing off his skills at a skatepark, as he rides on ramps and performs ollies down flights of stairs. When he isn't on his board, Weezy loiters around the skatepark, smoking blunts and rapping, which is exactly what every parent worries their kids will do when they take up skateboarding.

"Selsun Blue" is from Lil Wayne's mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2.