​Lil Pump Says He's Going to Jail for a Few Months

He violated probation last week while driving without a licence
​Lil Pump Says He's Going to Jail for a Few Months
Lil Pump took to Instagram last night (September 3) to tell his fans that he's heading to jail for a few months.
The 18-year-old rapper (real name Gazzy Garcia) was arrested last week in Miami for driving without a valid licence, violating prior probation terms.
According to Miami police, Garcia was pulled over when officers noticed that the expired plates on his Rolls Royce belonged to a Mini Cooper. When asked to present a licence, Garcia said he did not have one.
He was released on $500 bail and given a ticket at the time.
Now, though, it seems he'll be doing time for violating his probation.
Garcia was arrested back in February for discharging a firearm in an inhabited space. He claimed that three men had attempted to break in to his house and shot through the front door, though police later determined the shot had come from inside the house. During a police search, an unloaded handgun and ammunition were found in the house.
Watch Lil Pump's Instagram message to fans below.

In addition to revealing that he's going to jail, he also promised "crazy ass shit" would be dropping while he's away.
His album Harverd Dropout was originally scheduled for release in August, but is now expected to arrive on September 14.

He's yet to make any announcement with regards to his upcoming fall tour dates, but stay tuned to find out if they're affected by his stint behind bars.