Lil Pump Concert Evacuated in the U.K. Following Tear Gas Attack

But then the rapper just started performing on top of a bus outside
Lil Pump Concert Evacuated in the U.K. Following Tear Gas Attack
Lil Pump's show tonight in the U.K. descended into chaos after tear gas was thrown into the crowd, forcing concertgoers to flee the venue.

The rapper was playing at Rock City in Nottingham when tear gas reportedly started to fill the venue, TMZ reports. Soon concertgoers evacuated the building. However, that wasn't enough to completely derail the concert. As witnesses explain, Lil Pump started the concert right back up again outside the venue — but this time on top of his tour bus.

You can check out some footage of that below, where the rapper can be seen performing his Kanye West-equipped song "I Love It." It's currently unclear who is responsible for launching the tear gas in the venue, but police are on scene investigating. According to TMZ, no serious injuries have been reported and law enforcement sources tell the publication that the incident was not an act of terrorism. 

UPDATE (11/16, 6 p.m. EST): TMZ now reports that Lil Pump was close to being unconscious after the gas was released and was treated by medics before restarting the concert outside. A police spokesperson also explained that they got a report of a "smoke flare" inside the venue around 9:30 p.m. local time. And while TMZ has labelled it as "tear gas," it's unclear if the gas may have been actually been another substance. At least two concertgoers have so far been treated for minor injuries.