Lightheaded Wrong Way

Portland represents and Ohmega Watts increases his positioning as a fantastic producer with the second album from Oregon’s Lightheaded crew. Watts, Braille and Othello have kept themselves busy with solo records since the last effort (with Watts garnering much attention for his Ubiquity release) but within minutes of dropping Wrong Way you can see where this trio’s talents began to form. The MCs bounce off each other so well, especially on the fast-paced "Uhh!” where the poets spit out two quick lines in between chants with no time for you to really comprehend the greatness of the song. There’s a great slow jam called "Eye to Eye” as well, and that doesn’t mean on the R&B tip but rather just really slick and smooth soul music that would have actually been encouraged more through this record, which isn’t something most hip-hop fans look forward to. Wrong Way is instead a banger with most of the songs reaching anthem levels, and by adding tight lyrical skills and ridiculously good production from Ohmega Watts you really can’t go wrong with the direction these cats are headed. (Bad Reputation)