Light Is The Language The Void Falls Silent

The Void Falls Silent is nothing short of a complete mindbender, laying waste to anyone who dares to listen to it in a way that would make Botch or the Dillinger Escape Plan proud — not bad for a debut album. Light Is The Language, who call Enfield, Connecticut home, weave and whirl bizarre time signatures and speedy change-ups in a way that brings to mind the aforementioned duo of mathcore wizards. The heavier songs here are a painful and twisting labyrinth of off-kilter riffs and bits and bites that leave the listener staring at the floor, numb and happy in confused bliss. Elements of modern metallic hardcore lead the way, with the band dabbling in everything from grindcore to Meshuggah-esque prog metal, with all the parts adding up to a whole that defies any sort of easy comparison. The band also takes the idea of samples to a new level, compared to others in the genre, creating a disorienting feel in the quiet segments of the album. It is this combination of gut-wrenching emotion and Rubik’s Cube-ian writing that makes Light Is The Language one of the best of the mathcore/metalcore genre, sending most away in red-faced shame and making the biggies move over to let them in. (Gladiator)