Lido Pimienta Says She Will Only Release One More Album and Never Tour Again

Due to discrimination she has experienced when travelling, the artist has announced plans to shift to a behind-the-scenes role

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 5, 2023

Lido Pimienta has said that she will only release one more album and cease touring due to the racism she has experienced in airports.

In a Twitter thread posted on Monday (April 3), she detailed the discrimination she has faced when dealing with airlines. In a tweet originally written in Spanish and translated here, she wrote, "One last record and that's it. No more tours. I think I'm still happier using my talents for other people and artists than if they're relevant. I like behind-the-scenes — I'm safe there."
She further explained, "One of the many reasons why I no longer want to go on tour and not be in music is the constant discrimination at airports and airlines."

Pimienta's most recent album is 2020's Miss Colombia. Last year, she created and starred in the variety show LIDO TV.

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