Library Voices Denim on Denim

Get to your favourite picnic bench or sunny spot and crack open that ice cold beer or cooler of food ready to be grilled, because this album is just waiting for it. Denim on Denim suggests a sweaty time of fun and friends. From "Drinking Games" to "Party Like it's 2012" to "Bodies of Fiction," the jams are kicked up, feeling like they would be even better played live. The eight-piece collective from Regina, SK employ the usual rock band system, but the touch of horns, emphasis on the drums and quirky, mellow lyrics work well for them. The band have only been around for about two years, and in that time their music has developed a well-practiced essence. They've also grown over that period through enduring drama ― having their equipment stolen in Vancouver and then their new equipment destroyed in a flood. Kudos for keeping their heads up and staying an optimistic group. (Young Soul)