Rapping siblings Nick Fury and Big Oak return with a truckload of booming beats in the form of their second full-length, Youth Is Yours. The duo definitely succeeds in delivering straight-up party jams that are very similar to the likes of Ugly Duckling, but not quite as good. In fact, Lexicon even ropes in Dizzy Dustin from UD to throw down some choice lyrics on “Party Party People,” a track that really closes the gap between the two crews as far as similarity goes. Lexicon succeeds the most through their production, because every track is accompanied by great break beat that’s usually full of an incredible selection of horns and whatever other brass instrument they manage to cram in there. The pair even does a decent job of slowing down the Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m a Man” to a slow-paced hip-hop groove and it surprisingly doesn’t sound corny. The one problem with Nick and Big Oak is their vocals are a little whiney and take some getting used to. This lyrical style is fitting for the brand of hip-hop Lexicon are producing, but by the time we’re being told how these brothers like to pick up drunk girls, it’s worn out its welcome a tad.