Levi's Team Up with RHCP's Flea to Make "Fleavi's"

They were designed by the bassist's wife, Melody Ehsani

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 17, 2021

Levi's is releasing a new collection inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea — and yes, they're called Fleavi's.

The jeans were created by designer Melody Ehsani, who has her own brand called ME. and just so happens to be Flea's wife. The limited collection is available starting today, both online at nordstrom.com/POP and in-store at select Nordstrom's locations (including Canadian locations in Toronto and Vancouver).

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The announcement from Levi's curiously makes no reference to Flea at all — even though the jeans feature a collage of images of his face and the label on the back reads "FLEAVIS."

The bassist posted an image of himself wearing the jeans and wrote, "It turn out that my wife loves my crazy ass enough to have made these Fleavis. @melodyehsani I love you too my Mook."

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