Leviathan "All Tongues Toward"

Leviathan 'All Tongues Toward'
Portland black metal trailblazers Leviathan are ready to hit back with a new LP called Scar Sighted, their first proper full-length since 2011. But how will fans receive Wrest's (a.k.a. Jef Whitehead) latest work? Judging by the online premiere of vicious new tune "All Tongues Toward," they'll be salivating in anticipation for the rest of the set to surface.

The epic wall of destructive sound begins with a rather chilling militarized march of drums and foreboding drones, leading up to an eventual maelstrom of black metal sounds. Mach 5 scissor-beats, mournfully trilled-out guitar melodies, and a blend of banshee wails and beast-from-below grumbles take charge for most of the track. A mid-section displaying a merciless double-kick and the haunted sustain of eBow-affected six-strings offsets the madness temporarily before Leviathan drag us back down to the Marianas Trench.

The release of Scar Sighted has been pushed back just slightly, now arriving March 3 through Profound Lore. A vinyl pressing in the works through Devout Records.