Lesser Birds Of Paradise String of Bees

String of Bees starts buzzing with delicate and tender tunes from the moment you slip it into your CD player. These birds of Eden currently roost over the Windy City with their soothing alt-country creations backed by a fertile string section. The second Lesser Birds of Paradise full-length album is richly layered with harmonies and textured with acoustic pickin’ and soulful singing. Lyrics are honest, personal and raw. Fronted by singer-songwriter Mark Janka, this Chicago foursome offers 11 powerful and poignant songs. Call their style "cowpolkadelic” — a little country, a little folk, and a little psychedelic. "Assorted Aphrodisiacs” is a bouncy jaunt about passing time. "Where the River Meets the Sea” sounds like a Will Oldham/Palace-inspired number. Take flight with these birds for a pleasant otherworldly musical experience that lingers with you long after the sorrowful songs cease. (Contraphonic)