Leonard Cohen: "I Am Ready to Die"

Leonard Cohen: 'I Am Ready to Die'
This month Leonard Cohen will release his new album You Want It Darker, but he may be closing the chapter on his touring career and, sadly, even his life.

A new and absolutely massive profile by The New Yorker paints a rather grim picture of 82-year-old Cohen's future, stating that his days of touring are coming to an end as he braces himself to pass on to the other side.

"It is highly unlikely that his health will permit such rigors ever again," the article states, adding that Cohen refers to his current living situation as "confined to barracks."

Cohen is apparently well aware that his time among us is fading — something that was highlighted recently by the passing of his muse Marianne Ihlen.

"I don't think I'll be able to finish those songs. Maybe, who knows?" Cohen said of his works in progress. "And maybe I'll get a second wind, I don't know... I've got some work to do. Take care of business. I am ready to die. I hope it's not too uncomfortable. That's about it for me."

As such, Cohen has apparently been "putting his house in order," all the while ensuring he writes every day, works on music with his son and other collaborators, and finishes a variety of projects.

"The big change is the proximity to death," Cohen said. "I am a tidy kind of guy. I like to tie up the strings if I can. If I can't, also, that's okay. But my natural thrust is to finish things that I've begun."

You Want It Darker arrives on October 21 through Sony.

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