Lemuria "Brilliant Dancer" (video)

Lemuria 'Brilliant Dancer' (video)
Indie-pop out Lemuria are currently in the middle of a tour with the Menzingers, but the Buffalo-based band are managing to mesmerize offstage as well via the launch of a new, hypnotic video for The Distance Is So Big's "Brilliant Dancer."

A multi-coloured parasol is seen spinning throughout the intro, but elsewhere the lo-fi video fits twirling, trance-inducing visuals into picture frames, Mazda windshields and more. The cut-and-paste motif continues with a jet-ski ride on the streets and with live clips of Lemuria framed into doorways of old paintings. You'll find the crafty video down below.

Next month, Lemuria will be off on a headlining tour with Kind of Like Spitting, which has them hitting Montreal's Il Motore on July 9. You'll find all of the details of their tour schedule here.