Lemuria "Oahu, Hawaii" (video)

Lemuria 'Oahu, Hawaii' (video)
A tropical vaycay sounds nice right about now, considering this winter's miserable weather, but a different kind of trip is presented in the somewhat psychedelic new animated clip for Buffalo trio Lemuria's "Oahu, Hawaii."

While the symphonic slice of indie pop has the outfit setting their sights on Oahu (being one of the only Hawaiian islands they can think of off the top of their heads), the video has a canoe-locked little dude traversing a river bank full of butterflies and spooky ghosts, caverns full of lifelike drawings, a dragon-infested candyland, snow-dusted forest settings and maybe even outer space. Needless to say, we think he took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

You can check out the brightly coloured adventure supporting the group's latest The Distance Is So Big single down below.