Lem Emerging Property

Emerging Property is an intriguing album of live electronic dub. Lem, a trio of musicians, producers and effects wizards, uses organs, beats, effects and big dub bass lines to create these sparse, spacious tracks. The music was all recorded and mixed live, and most of the tracks follow standard dub speed with many of its stylistic hallmarks. As the album progresses, the tracks get increasingly longer, sometimes losing the plot and wandering aimlessly, and the earlier, shorter tracks more coherent and enjoyable. There are no actual vocals, though a few tracks contain sampled vocals hidden in the mix. Some of the best tracks include the very traditional "Dub Jane," the slow Jamaican groove of "Where Is The Programme?" and the spacey "Klusters," which makes heavy use of effects and is also one of the few up-tempo tracks here. Still, this album is an interesting experiment, since electronic music is rarely recorded or performed live. (Livid)