Leftover Crack Fuck World Trade

You want punk rock? I mean real punk rock? I mean the kind of punk rock that sends national music retailers and right-wing reactionaries running around condemning a record before it’s even released? New York squatter punks Leftover Crack have just the thing for you. Their third album, the perfectly-timed, Fuck World Trade, has already been rejected for sale in a number of American record stores because of its artwork that depicts the World Trade Center attacks and, in Michael Moore fashion, links them to the American war for oil in Iraq. Its strong imagery fits perfectly with the theme of the record that is angry, political, incendiary ska-punk with a difference. Far from the horned-up, bouncy ska-core of Mad Caddies or Less Than Jake, LC takes ska to a new level by injecting it with some interesting and epic musical flourishes à la Crass of Conflict. (Alternative Tentacles)