Lee Fields Readies 'A Faithful Man'

Lee Fields Readies 'A Faithful Man'
Lee Fields last wowed crowds with his 2009 effort My World, and the North Carolina-bred soul singer has just announced his follow-up, A Faithful Man.

A press release explains that the album, his second for Truth & Soul Records, "pushes the formulas of good soul." Tracked with producers Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels (Aloe Blacc) the album allegedly pair the R&B veteran of 43 years with a seasoned cast of session musicians. You can catch a stream of sweet and soulful first single "You're That Kind of Girl" down below.

The label touts their signee's old-school soul flavour, while describing that A Faithful Man's ten tracks "tell tales of love, heartbreak and blues in the time-honoured way."

Fields has been on the scene since the late '60s; he sprinkled the '70s with some singles, and experienced a comeback that started in the '90s, linking him up with Dap-Tone before settling in with Truth & Soul.

A Faithful Man:

1. "Faithful Man"
2. "I Still Got It"
3. "You're The Kind Of Girl"
4. "I'm Still Hanging On"
5. "Intermission"
6. "Wish You Were Here"
7. "Who Do You Love"
8. "Moonlight Mile"
9. "It's All Over But The Crying"
10. "Walk On Through That Door"

  You're The Kind Of Girl by truthandsoulrecords