Lee Fields & the Expressions Ready 'It Rains Love' LP

Watch a video for the title track
Lee Fields & the Expressions Ready 'It Rains Love' LP
Just over two years removed from releasing their Special Night LP, Lee Fields & the Expressions have readied a follow-up effort. 

Titled It Rains Love, the latest from the soul legend and his group will arrive April 5 through Big Crown. Alongside the announcement, Fields has rolled out a self-directed video for the album's title track, which you can find below.

As he told Rolling Stone, Fields' goal in writing It Rains Love was to incorporate "the theme of love into everything." "I wanted to assure people that regardless of how humdrum things are today, love keeps everything fresh," he told the publication.

Fields continued: "Wouldn't that be a beautiful thing if it rained love everywhere and everybody got wet? That would be a beautiful place to live in, where everyone has compassion, everyone is drenched with love.  Of course, that's a dream world. But I can dream, can't I?"

It Rains Love:

1. It Rains Love
2. Blessed With the Best
3. Two Faces
4. You're What's Needed In My Life
5. Wake Up
6. Will I Get Off Easy
7. Love Prisoner
8. A Promise Is a Promise
9. God Is Real
10. Love Is the Answer