Ledisi Lost & Found

Long-time fans of classic R&B survivalist Ledisi will undoubtedly feel a sense of vindication at this soulful gem’s move to the majors with Lost & Found, having kept her name afloat for over a decade in the shadowy recesses of the underground. For the newly inaugurated though, Ledisi’s expression of so many timeless R&B traditions may come singularly as both a breath of fresh air and a journey into nostalgia. The Oakland native bristles with the playful vocal confidence and prowess of a restrained Jill Scott on cuts like the slinky "You And Me” and the brisk "Get To Know You,” embarking on a beginning-to-end showcase of love songs for grown folk. The retro-sounding, early ’90s drums and arrangements on both "Today” and "Upside Down,” considered perhaps outdated under other circumstances, get a pass here when you hear this record as a sum of all that’s come before, rather than a progressive endeavour. As such, hints of Angie Stone and even Anita Baker come into the mix as the now Grammy-nominated songstress finally snags what’s been an elusive moment in the spotlight. (Verve)