LCD Soundsystem "Bye Bye Bayou"

LCD Soundsystem 'Bye Bye Bayou'
While we (im)patiently await the arrival of his next album, LCD Soundsytem's James Murphy recently offered up a brand new track for a limited free download on his website. The track, "Bye Bye Bayou" was released on 12" vinyl on Novemeber 7 with a paid digital release on November 24.

The tune, which is now only available as a stream on his Myspace and Facebook pages, is actually a cover of a solo track from Suicide's Alan Vega. Murphy's version drops Vega's rockabilly affectations and adds a throbbing dub vibe to LCD's already prolific sound. It's sorta/kinda awesome.

Listen to LCD Soundsystem's "Bye Bye Bayou" here.