The Last Town Chorus Wire Waltz

Wire Waltz is the type of record that can loosen a tie, unbutton a blouse or pour a glass of wine after a hard day’s work. Gently outlined with thick, melancholy pleas and coloured with bright reveries, the Last Town Chorus (aka Megan Hickey and her revolving ensemble of musicians) are a finely tuned arrangement of shimmering vocals, airy guitars and wailing lap steel. The vibrant Hickey got the break she needed when her heartbreakingly sincere rendition of David Bowie’s "Modern Love” was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but even though the TV spot was a nice little shove into the spotlight, there’s no doubting that Wire Waltz would still be catching ears without it. "Modern Love” is by far the best song on the CD, a soft, pink glaze overtop an otherwise rather dusty, gritty collection of songs, highlighting Hickey’s unwavering love for the pop and soul side of folk music. From the upbeat "Caroline” to the nostalgic "It’s Not Over,” Wire Waltz is one of those albums you can play from beginning to end, head tilted back, body slowly sinking into the soft leather of your couch.

(Hacktone, (Hacktone)