Lapel The Best Summer Ever

A four-song EP from Grand Rapids, MI-based Lapel, who play interesting rock music with a-typical song structures featuring two guitarists, one of them doubling on vocals, a bassist and drums. Vocalist Peter Stroobosscher bellows out some well-crafted lyrics in an uninhibited and unpolished way, but his voice sounds pleasing nonetheless. The supporting band is quite solid and musically adept, with the interplay between the two guitars and bass working well while the exceptional drummer plays off-kilter rhythms to accompany the offside melodies. All four songs tend to the longer side, but it works to the band's advantage, since their melodies go on artful tangents, where just when you think the song is about to end, the melody veers with the vocalist supplying a fresh barrage of lyrics. The only negative criticism that could be said of The Best Summer Ever is that the sound quality of the recording is a bit brittle, but the talent of the band manages to shine through. This is a very good EP that instils anticipation for a full-length, hopefully one with a bit more money saved for a more complementary studio. (Independent)