Lanikai "I Need Love" (video)

Lanikai 'I Need Love' (video)
Imaginary Cities may be on an indefinite hiatus, but the band's Marti Sarbit is already moving ahead with a solo project by the name of Lanikai. She'll release her debut album under that moniker later this month, and she's teasing the arrival of Lanikai with a new video for "I Need Love."
The single gets matched with a colourful animated clip that sees cleverly edited shots of bright watercolour flowers and a few choice lyrical phrases combined with a footage of Sarbit and her backing band. It's a bright, psychedelic affair that pairs perfectly with the vibe of the retro, keys-driven tune.
As previously reported, the new record hears Sarbit reteaming with her Imaginary Cities counterpart Rusty Matyas, who played on and co-produced the album along with Thomas D'Arcy.
Lanikai is out on November 18 through Hidden Pony Records. For now, watch the "I Need Love" video below.