Imaginary Cities' Marti Sarbit Announces Debut Album with Lanikai, Premieres New Single

Imaginary Cities' Marti Sarbit Announces Debut Album with Lanikai, Premieres New Single
Imaginary Cities recently announced that the band would be going on an indefinite hiatus, leaving fans with an EP collection of Leftovers before stepping out of the spotlight. They aren't totally removing themselves from the world of music, though, with singer Marti Sarbit having already lined up plans with a new project called Lanikai.
The new outfit takes their name from a Hawaiian beach that represents both "the serene and the stormy" elements of the music they make. The group will release their self-titled debut record on November 18 via Hidden Pony Records.
Sarbit served as the primary songwriter for the new collection of songs, though her Imaginary Cities colleague Rusty Matyas and Thomas D'Arcy both helped with musical accompaniment and production duties.
They aren't the only notable names to make guest appearances on the album — members of Sloan, the Sheepdogs and the Stills can also be heard on the upcoming seven-song set.
"I love to write and to make music, and these songs have been with me for a long time," Sarbit said in a statement. "With Imaginary Cities, it was a great experience collaborating with Rusty (and actually, he helped me on a couple of songs for Lanikai), but this is the first time I really get to show the world my music in my own words. It's scary, but exciting at the same time."
The first taste of that music arrives with "I'm Glad," and Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first look at the album cut's accompanying lyric video. Sarbit was inspired to write the song after witnessing an "awful altercation" on a city bus, initially penning it in a "very sad, exhausted tone."
"In the middle of writing it, Rusty sent me a newly written song (by Slow Leaves) with a gorgeous, uplifting sentiment about humanity," she explains. "And, from that sudden perk, 'I'm Glad' was flipped around."
You can hear the upbeat final take of the track down in the player below. Just scroll past the tracklisting for Lanikai and hit play. If you like what you hear, head over here to pre-order the album.
1. Motor Inn
2. Hey Hey (Ok In Love)
3. Believe Me
4. I Need Love
5. We Don't Let Go
6. Stay A Little Longer
7. I'm Glad