Landon A.R. Coleman Landon A.R. Coleman's Single Life

How old is Landon Coleman? I'm not entirely sure, but if I would have to guess, I would venture anywhere from 30 to ageless. There's a quality to Coleman's songwriting that eludes a concrete sense of time. The end result is his debut full-length, Landon A. R. Coleman's Single Life, a collection of songs that together bring to mind wintery Montreal nights where the streetlamps reflect the snow on the ground against an overcast sky. This could be anybody's Montreal, from Richler to Roy. Although it opens with two upbeat tracks that convey a glossy pop country quality on par with anything Jason Collett has produced, the rest of Single Life unfolds at a languid pace, taking its time to float through beautiful tracks such as "We Caught Aflame" and "Trace it Back." But it's the stripped down tracks that make up the bulk of the album and it's these tracks that instil faith that Coleman has a bright career ahead of him. (Independent)