Landing Seasons

Still maintaining the instrumental qualities that have made the band what they are - one of the best ambient-psych-rock bands out there - Landing has now added lyrics to their songs, moving up a notch in their musical development. In the past, the band has added vocals to their music, albeit sparsely and more as a phonetic instrumental effect, rather than to convey anything specific. In addition to their exquisitely dreamy and layered guitars, synthesisers and bass playing, along with understated drums, Aaron and Adrienne Snow alternately sing in youthful duet or as backup for each other, adding a dimension of innocence to their songs. Their songs cover a seasonal motif where the seasons are used as a metaphor for their emotions, or just swept away by the changes in nature, as conveyed in songs like "Fall Song," "First Snow," "Can't Hide Forever" (a reference to budding spring) and the summery and upbeat "Blue Sky Away." Seasons also possesses a classic '60s psych-rock quality, but is so lushly rendered as to make their music unmistakably modern. (Ba Da Bing!)