Landing Fade In/Fade Out

Landing returns with another gorgeously lush sounding EP featuring five spectacular improvised tracks that explore the deepest recesses of ambient and psychedelic rock. Landing has honed their craft, weaving musical fabrics with vast guitar loops, sonic gradations on the synthesisers, vestiges of percussion and, of course, the lovely voices of Adrienne and Aaron Snow. By now, Landing has defined their stock and trade as instrumental chill-out music that's akin to Pink Floyd's more ambient albums, but without the dark overtones. Perhaps the prettiest song on this album is "Whirlwind," with Adrienne offering her gentle voice, which seems to have something of a childlike innocence to it. And while the band is not breaking any new ground, they continue to chart the ambient expanse. Landing is definitely one of the best psych-ambient rock bands out there and the Fade In/Fade Out EP is yet another testimony as to why. (Strange Attractors)