Landed How Little Will It Take

From the pictures and liner notes (which tell a story of Landed’s singer lighting his entire body on fire during a show), it seems that Landed are a band best enjoyed live. The production leaves something to be desired: a lot of things get lost in the mix and the sound is a little tinny. Still, there is something undoubtedly listenable about this. Buried beneath the squeals of guitars and shitty production are an unbridled, raucous band that are both cathartic and hilarious at the same time. There’s definitely a hint of Stooges or Pissed Jeans somewhere in the midst, as the songs can sometimes take on that trudging, brooding quality, with the vocals hissed and growled in such a manner as to make their function more instrumental than lyrical. The second disc (a three-inch CD with two tracks) features a live song that’s one of the most intense moments offered here, and if you can get past the overbearing guitar it’s a really good song. And maybe that’s what sums up Landed the best: this isn’t "sit on your ass, push play and enjoy” music; you’ve actually got to work to see the beauty and power of Landed. (Load)