Lana Del Rey Gobbles Up a Burger Family of Pop Influences on "A&W"

No, it's not about fast food

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 14, 2023

Lana Del Rey has shared a new seven-minute epic called "A&W" (which allegedly stands for "American Whore" and isn't a reference to the Burger family, unfortunately). 

Following the title track, "A&W" is the second taste of her upcoming album Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, which is arriving March 24 on Interscope / Polydor. The song starts as somewhat familiar Lana fare before cracking open at the halfway point and turning into a trunk-thumping electronic breakdown. 

It's a real bait and switch, and it kinda recalls Lana's earlier excursions into trappy retro pop while being altogether weirder and more enormous. It was co-produced by Del Rey and frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff.

Check it out below. 

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