Lagwagon Resolve

A moving tribute to the suicide death of original drummer Derrick Plourde, Resolve is further proof that pop punkers Lagwagon have always been two steps ahead of the game. Often imitated as an integral part of punk’s ’90s revival, Lagwagon have stayed true to their original style over the years, deviating little from their upbeat-sounding chord structures and Joey Cape’s distinctive melodies. Resolve, however, takes a noticeably darker lyrical approach, as Cape and the rest of the band attempt to wrestle with those factors that drove Plourde — who had battled with depression for many years — to finally end his own life. Offering emotional depth and articulate, original thought where similar bands whine about their girl problems or wax philosophical about their need to sleep all day, Lagwagon remain at the forefront of pop punk’s thoughtful evolution. (Fat Wreck)