​Lady Brett Ashley The Ship, St. John's NL, May 5

​Lady Brett Ashley  The Ship, St. John's NL, May 5
Photo: Noah Bender
Hometown band Lady Brett Ashley shift from dark, brooding post-rock to sunny, sophisticated pop with surprising ease. A four-piece with conventional rock instrumentation, their songs are all over the place, full of shifting moods and sudden starts and stops.
With her rich timbre that occasionally recalls a more sedate Carla Bozulich, vocalist/guitarist Heather Nolan has an unassuming charisma, singing quieter fare with a certain stoicism but losing herself to the fun of her airtight and talented band's vaguely Brit-pop workouts. They move between clean and sludgy tones as much as they transition between straight-up progressions and metal-inspired half-time parts. 
There was something early '90s about Lady Brett Ashley's earnest melange of sounds and emotive outbursts, as if they had so much to say and felt compelled to share it all at once.