Lady Antebellum Own the Night

I know that Lady Antebellum has won six Grammys and are America's pop country darlings, but it's very hard not to completely hate their third studio album, Own the Night. There's actually a track ("Cold as a Stone") that ends with an homage to the theme from Titanic. Seriously. The Celine Dion song. "Friday Night" opens with a muddied guitar riff heavily influenced by Deep Purple's seminal pot smoking theme song, "Smoke on the Water," but then devolves into a Disney-esque brand of hyper-romanticism. This album dresses like the band's female vocalist, Hillary Scott ― in lots of taffeta. In fact, if Twilight were set in Tennessee and about magical hillbillies rather than sparkling vampires, this would be the soundtrack. Does Own the Night have any redeeming qualities? The songs are certainly produced well ― that is to say, for mass consumption. Lady Antebellum have discovered the formula for sugary sweet pop music and are adept at following it. And that's why they have a career. (Capitol)