Kylesa Return with 'Ultraviolet'

Kylesa Return with 'Ultraviolet'
Savannah, GA's beloved crust behemoths Kylesa followed up their 2010 album Spiral Shadow by looking back, unleashing some rarities with last year's From the Vaults, Vol. 1. Always ones for forward momentum, however, the group have announced a new studio album.

The latest record is called Ultraviolet, and guitarist Laura Pleasants explains that it's "a bit colder and darker" than their previous album. The 11-track album was recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC, with the band's own Phillip Cope.

In a press release, she continues by explaining how Ultraviolet came to fruition with the following statement:

All of our studio albums have their own unique identity and we've always been a band who strives for something different than what current fads suggest. With Ultraviolet, we took a step inward and wrote music that we felt we had to write; this album centers around the multiple themes of loss and you can feel it in the music. Everyone goes through it during their lifetime and this record reflects that experience.

Ultraviolet will be available on May 28 via Seasons of Mist. For now, you can download the album track "Unspoken" for the price of an email address below.