Kurt Vile

Wakin on a Pretty Daze

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 9, 2013

This isn't an album for those with short attention spans. Its 11 tracks stretch across two LPs and last for more than an hour, with many of the songs drawn out by extended guitar jams and lazily drawled verses. The titular opening track doesn't develop much throughout its nine-and-a-half-minute runtime, as laid-back rock rhythms and watery six-string licks stretch endlessly into the distance like a heartland highway. The sequencer-driven "Was All Talk" is a little brisker and quirkier, although its near-eight minutes are similarly repetitive — when Vile claims, "Making music is easy/Watch me" shortly before the psychedelic guitar outro, it doesn't sound like a boast so much as a shrugging observation. Vile could have chopped most of these songs in half and they would have worked just fine, but the overall effect wouldn't have been so blissfully druggy.
(Matador Records)

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