Kryoburn Enigmatic Existence

Putting a heavy twist on a solid and familiar foundation, Kryoburn’s debut borrows mostly from later Fear Factory. Fortunately, it isn’t as prone to nu-metal frenzy. The rap-rock elements that began to appear on FF’s Obsolete are a consistent and powerful presence but aren’t developed as far as Digimortal’s laughable industrial hip-hop. Heavy metallic chugging and mid-riff breakdowns allude to FF’s sense of timing and placement, as well as their penchant for stabbing blasts. This unusual drumming brings the album together with eclectic beats and double bass attacks. Burton C. Bell’s vocal influence is felt in the forceful barks and synth driven singing parts that appear at least once a song. These lighter moments occasionally stray from their industrial path, moving towards a more Devin Townsend, modern rock direction. Sonically, they’ve got the tight technological feel achieved by a lavish amount of Pro-Tooling, sounding almost identical to any given FF record. On the whole, originality is lacking, but their endeavour is so well crafted that it is worth checking out. (Candlelight)