Kristin Sweetland Own Sweet Time

According to singer-songwriter Kristin Sweetland, navigation is the theme that weaves together the delicate patchwork of Own Sweet Time. Sweetland knows how life’s twists and turns can drive us to unforeseen lengths, which is why she invites us all to follow her on her soulful, stormy journey through physical landscapes and those internal mountain terrains that haunt us all. "Burial At Sea” features Sweetland’s acclaimed guitar work, establishing her presence on the record as an enchanting bard. "Gone Gone Gone” picks up the pace a bit and hits the road, telling tales of the TransCanada highway and its snow-covered roads. Then there’s "Hotel Esmerelda,” which doesn’t quite mimic "Hotel California” but definitely boasts a saucy, "I’m putting my hair up tonight” sort of seduction. Undoubtedly, Own Sweet Time proves that Sweetland isn’t afraid to travel through any and every human topography. (Abora Vita)