Kristin Hersh "Bubble Net"

Kristin Hersh 'Bubble Net'
Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE's Kristin Hersh will release her latest solo effort Wyatt at the Coyote Palace later this week, but before the LP lands, Exclaim! is giving you another teaser with the premiere of album track "Bubble Net."
As previously reported, Wyatt at the Coyote Palace hears Hersh working with producer Steve Rizzo, though she performed all instrumentation and vocals herself, and even collected additional field recordings. The title refers to her son Wyatt, who inspired the album with his fascination by an abandoned building inhabited by coyotes.
"Bubble Net" opens with a captivating combination of banjo and recorded nature sounds before transitioning into strums of acoustic guitar and Hersh's raspy drawl and self-accompanying harmonies.
"Until the sad banjo in 'Bubble Net' pulled together the disparate elements that make up the sonic vocabulary of Wyatt at the Coyote Palace, I had no idea what to make of this record. Or HOW to make this record," Hersh tells Exclaim! "But geese over feet crunching in snow and the percussive melancholy of an out of time, out of tune banjo showed me that — as usual — I know nothing and songs know everything."
She adds, "Sad happens and sad isn't easy, but it's no less lovely for that. The refrain, 'there's no tomorrow, became a relief then: no need for fear. Maybe today is all we've got, but it's amazing."
The album will arrive on CD with an accompanying book (via Omnibus Press) on November 11. Listen to the enchanting melancholy of "Bubble Net" below.