Kovenant In Times Before the Light

The Kovenant's latest release is a fascinating union of new and old. In Times Before the Light was recorded in 1995 - thus, the "old" - and after numerous difficulties was released in 1997 on a small underground label. Seeking peace and closure, the band chose to re-release their first endeavour through Hammerheart Records, with new artwork and rerecorded synthesisers to replace the originals that had vanished. Add to that a complete remix and more effects and you have the "new." The album's professional and modern finish bears little resemblance to the "true Norwegian black metal" the band claims to be dabbling in. But never mind trueness, this soul-grinding assault deserves to be heard in the evil richness of its updated electronic surroundings. In Times Before the Light sounds incredibly vital and current for an album that's seven years old, and will set high expectations for what the Kovenant have coming up next. (Hammerheart)