Kool Keith Puts Up a 'Magnetic Pimp Force Field' on New Album

Kool Keith Puts Up a 'Magnetic Pimp Force Field' on New Album
Last year, sex-obsessed rap veteran Kool Keith supposedly announced his retirement with the release of his Love & Danger album. Since then, of course, he's released two mixtapes (fittingly titled Total Orgasm and Total Orgasm 2), and now he's announced another studio album.

The new batch of tracks is called Magnetic Pimp Force Field, and as that title might suggest it features a very Kool crossover of sex themes and space themes.

As FACT points out, this one's produced by Memphis producer Big Sche Eastwood, and has a unified Southern rap sound.

Plus, there's a song called "Lord of Thongs," so add this to your list of most-anticipated new albums.

Junkadelic will release Magnetic Pimp Force Field on May 27, and you can stream a five-minute sampler of the whole record below.

Magnetic Pimp Force Field:

1. Thunder Cats (Jet Packs)
2. Ride & Mug
3. Ewokie Galaxy Swag
4. Jedi Supreme
5. Skreet Smart ft. Dolla Bill & Psycolistic
6. Natural High ft. Dj Junkaz Lou
7. Hard Drugs
8. I'm Insane
9. Death Star Pimp
10. Plottin' ft. Jozzy
11. Watch The Throne
12. Padawan ft. Pimpminista
13. Lord Of Thongs
14. Woman ft. Metropolis
15. Dark Vador Light Sabor
16. Magnetic Pimp Force Field
17. Flipside Shaggy Mack