Konono N°1 "Um Nzonzing"

Konono N°1  'Um Nzonzing'
Congolese crew Konono N°1 are back to deliver a new album of collaborations with Portuguese producer Batida, and the rhythmic results are about as gleeful as you would expect. To tease the upcoming set, they've unleashed a stream of the record's "Um Nzonzing."

The electro-acoustic mashup brings together a bunch of circuit fried beats and squelches with a steady throb of bass. It's a bit of a slow-cooker, with the track building up via various tones and whispered vocals before Konono N°1 fully embrace the overjoyed melodies of their signature thumb pianos.

You'll find the track below, while Konono Meets Batida drops April 29 through Crammed Discs.