Watch Komodo Cover the Replacements at Toronto's Monarch Tavern

The band covered "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Bastards of Young" for the Class of T.O. video series

BY Matt BobkinPublished Sep 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, some of Toronto's best bands have taken to the Monarch Tavern stage to perform tributes to their favourite bands at the Class of T.O., presented by Exclaim! and Dan Burke with support from the City of Toronto and Great Lakes Brewery. The series concludes with Toronto rockers Komodo performing a pair of songs originally by the Replacements.

"We have always held the Replacements as our biggest influence, not only because of our musical similarities, but the band's unwillingness to change themselves for commercial success," says vocalist and bassist Rich Forbes. "It's radio rock for outcasts and we can't get enough of it." Fittingly, the band performed two singles from the band's major label era: "Can't Hardly Wait" from Pleased to Meet Me (complete with saxophone) and "Bastards of Young" from Tim, concluding in a raucous finale.

The sharp performances are a reflection of the band's continued dedication throughout the lockdown. "When the lockdown started, our rehearsal studio was the only thing that didn't shut down," reveals Forbes. "Out of boredom, I was in the studio every day solo, honing in my skills. When restrictions loosened up a little, we found that practising filled the void of live music. My determination to push forwards inspired the other members to follow suit."

True to their influences, Komodo have plenty of mischief planned for the near future. According to Forbes, "We are currently sitting on a new record, Low Rise, which we will be releasing on Spotify before the new year. Other than that, I just bought a generator. The plan is to hit the streets and start a illegal outdoor show network. Growing up in the punk rock scene, has taught us valuable lessons. Always adapt, never stop playing, don't fear change and fuck the police."

Watch Komodo perform "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Bastards of Young" at the Monarch Tavern below, and check out earlier instalments in the Class of T.O. series.

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