Kodan Armada Collections

Complete with speeches, this punk rock treasure comes in a very DIY-looking cardboard sleeve screened with the black image of a cassette tape. The disc is a collection of songs all previously released on vinyl. The poor sound quality is a result of the original recordings but it is definitely a fitting presentation. Combining some of the most gut wrenching screams with constantly emotional and provoking musical mania, the record plays out like a tortured exorcism. The screaming is often matched with a sung vocal melody or another shriek, even venturing into three completely different melodies simultaneously. There’s a few notable chants throughout the disc, "Kill me please,” being a fine example of those awesome lines everyone sings along to at the show. The lyrics are traumatised, witty stories and intensity is an understatement when it comes to the drama. They bear numerous musical similarities to Love Lost but not Forgotten, but capture a different and more melodic essence amidst the chaos. With the fury of a storm, they bawl their way through solemn, drawn out parts that are always thoughtful and emotionally drawing. Kodan Armada’s future may be up in the air, but if there’s any hope for screamo tunes, they’ll keep pushing the envelope. (Magic Bullet)