Kobra and the Lotus Evolution

Kobra and the Lotus Evolution
Calgary's Kobra and the Lotus have been slugging their way out of the underground for the last decade. They've had a few big breaks, touring with Kiss and Def Leppard in 2014 and scoring a Juno nomination for Prevail II earlier this year, but they've yet to become a household name.
All that may change with Evolution, which takes everything we've come to expect and launches it into a stadium-sized explosion of riffs and true metal. If this doesn't get KATL the respect they deserve, there is truly no justice in the music world.
Kobra Paige's voice has never sounded better, slipping free of the overproduction that plagued the earlier releases to produce a raw sound of pure talent. But the band's songwriting has taken a massive leap for the better too, serving us instantly catchy metal fare like "We Come Undone," "Liar," "Burn!" and "Get The Fuck Out of Here." KATL have never shied from a big sound, but tracks like "Circus" threaten to break into Nightwish-levels of theatricality — on a hard rock record, it shouldn't work, but Kobra Paige is a versatile enough frontwoman that she makes "Circus" into the album's biggest moment.
Many bands start winding down around their sixth album, but by the sound of it, Kobra and the Lotus are just getting started. They've built up a solid catalogue and earned their stripes both on the road and in the studio. Now it's time to go out and score some arena shows of their own. A record like Evolution demands nothing less. (Napalm)