The Knife Writing Music for "Anti-National Cabaret" About European Migration Policies

The Knife Writing Music for 'Anti-National Cabaret' About European Migration Policies
The Knife already have an opera to their name, and now the Swedish electronic experimenters have embarked on a new theatrical project called Europa Europa with the art group Ful.

The website for the project is written in Swedish, so it's a little hard to understand all of the details, but it's described as an "anti-national cabaret."

The politically charged piece criticizes border police and European governments, pointing out that it's difficult for many people without European citizenship to enter the union legally. Pitchfork notes that it aims to "highlight the human rights abuses that Sweden and the EU commits every day through the common asylum and migration policy."

Europa Europa is written and directed by Nasim Aghili, and the first performance is slated to happen on July 1 in Visby, Sweden. More dates will follow (we're guessing in Scandinavia, due to the language barrier), and the Knife are listed as the "house band." The group's website further notes that they are writing new music for the cabaret.

It's unclear if the performance will ever be taken outside of Sweden. The Knife released their opera, Tomorrow, In a Year, as an album, so perhaps this will one day receive similar treatment.