Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds Working on Adam Ant Documentary

Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds Working on Adam Ant Documentary
Last month, the Klaxons abruptly axed their entire North American tour due to "unforeseen circumstances." Now that the band's Jamie Reynolds has a little more time on his hands, the singer-bassist has announced that he's working on a documentary about Adam Ant's comeback.

Reynolds told the Daily Star, "The Adam Ant project is my first step into the film business. I've got no experience of making films but I really wanted to get involved in it and I may do more."

The film will cover Adam Ant's return to touring after years of struggling with bipolar disorder. Just last year, the new wave pop star was committed under the UK's Mental Health Act due to an "unspecified incident."

Ant has been notoriously unpredictable in recent years, but according to Reynolds, "Adam is sounding great. I hadn't seen him perform until last week when he announced his first tour and he's back on form."

There's no word as to when the documentary will be out, but Reynolds said, "I'm helping produce it and will get more involved as it nears completion."

Ant added, "Hopefully there'll be more consistency now I'm healthy and out of the contract I signed when I was 21. I woke up from 30 years of financial woe and Jamie has invested in the documentary."

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this means the '80s icon will be able to hold it together as he goes about prepping his new album, the bizarrely titled Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter.