Kiwi Jr. Drop 'No Trace Evidence' Mini-Documentary

Watch the band get COVID haircuts, goof off in studio sessions, cross the path of black cats and more
Kiwi Jr. Drop 'No Trace Evidence' Mini-Documentary
Two months before COVID lockdowns ruined everyone's touring plans, Kiwi Jr. had high hopes for taking their new material on the road. The songs that would later become Cooler Returns — their debut with Sub Pop— were primed to hit stages across North America, but of course, that never happened. Instead, we're now getting a closer look into the making of their album with a new short film.

The Toronto group have now released a mini-documentary titled No Trace Evidence, a "candid peek into the recording studio, as well as al fresco outdoor mixing, isolation booths, temperature checks and black cats crossing their path."

Directed by Sean Egerton Foreman — who previously shot Kiwi Jr.'s videos for "Cooler Returns," "Maid Marion's Toast" and "Gimme More" — the 10-minute black-and-white short film finds the band giving each other COVID haircuts, goofing around in and out of the studio, and everything you'd expect from a band recording all summer in isolation.

Until we get to return to live music for real, get your virtual fill of Kiwi Jr. with their new documentary below.